Saharsa City Guide

Located to the east of Kosi river, Saharsa is an ancient city in the state of Bihar and falls under the Kosi Division. The name of this intriguing city has been derived from the Hindi word "Saharsh" which literally means 'with great pleasure'. The amazing tourist attractions of Saharsa city truly exhibit the rich culture & traditions of the region. Devotees from far & wide come here to pay respect at the ancient religious places present in Saharsa like Tara Sthan, Chandika Sthan, Mandan Bharti Asthan, Sun Temple, Laxminath Gosaisthal Nauhatta, Udahi, Karu Khirhari Temple and Matsyagandha Mandir etc. Come lets know more about Saharsa with Saharsaonline City-Guide!

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