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Tourism in Saharsa

Saharsa is an ancient town located at a distance of nearly 272 kms away from the state capital Patna. Earlier a part of Bhagalpur district it became a separate district in April 1954 and is now presently functioning as a Divisional Head Quarter. Saharsa due to its rich historical, religious, archaeological and cultural heritage has always been a place of attraction for the tourists. Tara Sthan, Chandika Sthan, Mandan Bharti Asthan, Laxminath Gosaisthal Nauhatta, Udahi, Karu Khirhari Temple, Sun Temple, Matsyagandha Mandir, etc. are some of the major tourist destinations of the District. For the religiously and spiritually inclined, Saharsa is a must visit place as numerous temples are present all across the district. Offering an enriching, amazing and memorable experience a trip to Saharsa is much recommended.

Tourist Attractions in Saharsa

Tara Sthan at Mahishi

Tarasthan Mandir

This ancient temple located at a distance of nearly 17 kms from Saharsa in the village Mahishi. The temple has a very old three-feet long idol of Bhagwati Tara. As per legend Goddess Ugra Tara was considered as a Shakti Peetha, and it is believed that the right eye of Sati had fallen here and thus a temple was constructed.  Accompanying the idol of the Goddess there are two other deities, Ekjata and Neel Saraswati one on each side. The temple is associated with Tantrik cult and thus during the ten day long Sharadiya Navaratra many saints from far & wide assemble here to seek penance. Though a large number of devotees come to the temple throughout the year, but there is a large influx of tourists during the auspicious time of Dussehra in September and October.

Chandika Sthan

Located in the Biratpur village falling under Sonebarsa block of Saharsa District is famous temple dedicated to Goddess Chandi. As per legend Goddess Chandi is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga and thus the Tara Temple at Mahishi, Katyayaini Temple in Khagaria and Chandi Temple in Biratpur form a holy triangle or Trikonyantra which holds a place of special importance in the Tantrik Cult.This village has historical importance dating back to the time of Mahabharata, as it is said that the Pandavas lived here for 12 years during their period of exile. A big mound is still present near the temple believed to be the place of residence of Pandavas. A large number of people from all parts of the country come to offer prayers here especially during Navratri.

Mandan Bharti Asthan

Mahishi village is a famous as the birthplace of legendary Pundit Mandan Mishra the 8th century scholar & philosopher who along with his wife Bharati had made significant contributions in the field of Indian Philosophy. He wrote several books like Brahmasiddhi, Meemansanukramanika & Vidhi Vivek, etc. which are considered as gems of Indian Philosophy.At this historical place long back ago a religious discourse (Shastrarth) was held between Shankaracharya and a local scholar - Mandan Mishra. Bharti, the wife of Mandan Mishra, was appointed as a Judge for the discourse, since she was also a great scholar. Shankaracharya, after his initial victory over Mandan Mishra was given a stiff challenge by Bharati, who outwitted him and he had to accept defeat. Hundreds of people, mainly from South India and with interest in Philosophy visit this place to salute the eminent Scholar.

Sun Temple, Kandaha

The Sun Temple at Kandaha, located about13 kms west to Saharsa is based on the architectural style of the temple in Deb, Aurangabad District.  An place of religious and historical importance the temple has been duly recognized by Archaeological Survey of India. A huge three-and-a-half-feet-long and three-feet-wide idol of Sun God riding a seven-horsed chariot is installed here.

The statue is carved out of a single granite slab. As per the inscriptions on doors of sanctum sanctorum, the temple dates back to the 14th century and was built by King Narsimha Deo of Karnata Dynasty who ruled over Mithila at that time. Suryakoop & Chandrakoop, are two wells in the temple premises; the sacred water of which is believed to have medicinal properties for leprosy & other skin diseases.

Laxminath Gosaisthal, Bangoan

Tourist Attractions Near Saharsa

Located at a distance of about nine kms from Saharsa, is Bangaon which is an ancient village inhabited by Maithil Brahmins. The village holds pride for being the workplace of renowned 18th Century Yogi, Saint and Poet Laxmi Nath Gosai. An eminent scholar he wrote & sang religious songs which are still sung by the people of the region. People come to pay respect at the large Banyan Tree under which the remains of this great poet were preserved. Another attraction of Bangaon is the Goddess Durga Temple where devotees from far & wide come to worship and offer prayers.

Shiva Temple, Nauhatta

A sleepy old village it holds a place of importance on the tourist map due to the presence of Shiva temple which is about 80 feet in height. The temple was severely damaged during the earthquake of 1934, but Raja Srinand Singh of Srinagar Estate reconstructed the temple and restored its lost glory.

Durga Temple, Udahi

Situated in Kahra block of Sarhasa, the place has immense religious & archaeological importance as an ancient image of Goddess Durga was discovered here during excavation. An annual fair is held on the day of Mahaashtami Puja and devotees flock to this place to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

Karu Khirhari Temple

Another place worth visiting in Sarhasa is the Karu Khirhari Temple which is located on the bank of Kosi River and nearly two km away from Mahishi. The temple is devoted to Saint Karu Khirhari who is believed to have attained divinity by virtue of his strong Shiva-Bhakti. Besides being a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva he was also a fighter, a yogi and a great lover of domestic animals, especially cows. He had named his cows as Mahesri, Kusesri, Nakuchesri, Umesri, etc. due to his respect to Lord Shiva. It is also said that Karu Baba had sacrificed his life to save a cow from a tiger.

Now being developed into a major tourist spot, the temple witnesses a huge rush of devotees on the day of Saptami during Navaratras. Religious devotees from different parts of Bihar, Nepal and other parts come here and offer milk, vegetable and ganja to the Saint Karu Baba. The offered milk is in such huge quantity of tasmai, a dish made by mixing rice in milk is fed to everone coming here.

Matsyagandha Complex & Raktakali Temple

Religious Places in Saharsa

Due to the efforts of the state government a barren water logged area in Saharsa district has now been developed into a beautiful complex known as Matsyagandha Mandir. A temple of 64 Mahayoginis, a one of its kind in India is the special attraction of the place. The beautiful temple of Raktakali has been constructed on the pattern of monastery architecture. A popular tourist attraction it has within the complex a huge pond offering water sport facilities and a Hotel Koshi Bihar. Devotees throng the place during Diwali festival for offering puja to the goddess Kali.

Sai Temple

Located in Patel Nagar, Saharsa, this magnificent temple is dedicated to Sai Baba. Hundreds of devotees visit this temple especially on Thursdays to seek the blessings of Sai Baba.

Hanuman Temple

Present at the Thana Chowk Road in Saharsa it a beautiful temple which has been built to worship Lord Hanuman. A huge idol of Lord Hanuman is present in the temple where visitors come to pay homage.

Sanjay Gandhi Park

Sanjay Gandhi Park is a beautiful park is located in the heart of Saharsa city; acting as a pleasant retreat for the locals and the visitors coming here. A well-maintained park it has flowers in vibrant colours and immense greenery all around. It has become a favourite place for families to come and relax here in a natural envoirment.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Sarhasa District is between March and October when the weather is quiet pleasant.

How to Reach Saharsa

Saharsa District is well been connected by road, air and rail links to other major towns in Bihar and other parts of the country. Adequate local transportation like Auto Rickshaws, Cycle-rickshaws, Tangas, etc. regular bus & train services has made it very easy to travel to this ancient & mesmerising city.

By Air:
The nearest airports to Saharsa are Gaya International Airport at a distance of about 308 kms and Jaiprakash Narayan International Airport, Patna which is nearly 234 kms away. From here one can reach Saharsa easily by road or train.

By Rail:
Saharsa Jn (SHC), Saharsa Railway Station has regular trains running to & fro from Sarhasa connecting it to other parts of the country. Notable among these are two daily trains to Patna and two weekly & bi-weekly trains to Delhi. The Hate Bazaare Express is a train which runs thrice a week and connects Kolkata directly to Saharsa. A low-fare, air-conditioned weekly train named as Garib Rath (Poor's Chariot) connects Saharsa to Amritsar.
By Road:
One can also reach Saharsa by road as the place is linked with National Highway 327 (Saharsa – Bagdogra) and NH 107. Regular Government & Private-run busses, taxis, private cabs, etc. are available to travel to the city.

Places to Shop in Saharsa

A trip to any city is not complete without a shopping spree; when visiting this beautiful city do not forget to shop for local handicrafts and other souvenirs from the bazaars and malls of Saharsa.

Today Mega Bazaar
Address: Refugee Colony, Bypass Road, Batraha, Saharsa, Bihar

Super Market
Address: Thana Chowk Road, Saharsa, Bihar

Dev Market
Address: College Gate, VIP Road, Saharsa, Bihar

Where to Eat in Saharsa

Saharsa is a place to enjoy the local delicacies of Bihar, and a number of restaurants & dhabaas are present in the city offering mouth-watering dishes to the tourists.

List of Restaurants in Saharsa:

Jai Mata Di Sweets
Address: Gangjala Chowk Dhala. Saharsa, - 852201
Contact: 9631877771, 943141412818

Hotel Aman
Address: Chandni Chowk, Station Road, Saharsa Ho, Saharsa - 852201
Contact: +(91)-9152340162

Devnath Restaurants
Address: Refugee Colony, Bongaon Road, Saharsa HO, Saharsa - 852201
Contact: +(91)-8671430564

Kaveri Restaurant
Address: VIP Road, Saharsa Ho, Near Purab Bazar, Opposite PNB Bank, Saharsa - 852201,
Contact: +(91)-9570778099, +(91)-6478-227222

Apna Hotel
Address: Hatia Gachhi Road, Saharsa Ho, Saharsa - 852201
Contact: +(91)-8809468376

Dilkhush Baishnab Hotel
Address: Saharsa, Bus Stand, Bihar, Prasanta Road, Saharsa - 852201
Contact: +(91)-9709941355

Peervashni Chinees Fast Food
Address: Sageera Complex, Refuege Colony, Bangaon Road, Saharsa HO, Saharsa - 852201
Contact: +(91)-9999107828

Hotels in Saharsa

A number of good accommodation options are available in Saharsa District ranging from budget to high-end hotels. These hotels provide all the basic facilities to the tourists thus making their stay both enjoyable & comfortable.

List of Hotels in Saharsa

Hotel Pardesi Cardo
Address: VIP Road, Near Purab Bazaar, Opposite PNB Bank, Saharsa HO, Saharsa - 852201
Phone: +(91)-9570778099 ,+(91)-6478-227222

Hotel Rajdarbar
Address: D B Road, Saharsa Ho, Saharsa - 852201
Phone: +(91)-9709833330, 9430245786 ,+(91)-6478-222222

Satkar Hotel
Address: D B Road, Near Anup Bhavan, Saharsa HO, Saharsa - 852201, Phone: Phone: +(91)-6478-223349

Anupan Guest House
Address: Bangon Road, Near Mahavir Chowk, Saharsa HO, Saharsa - 852201
Phone: +(91)-9431862931 , +(91)-6478-226301

Vijieya Hotel
Address: Meera Talkies Road, Saharsa 852201

Hotel Manorma Palace
Address: DB Road, Opposite Central Bank of India, Saharsa 852201

Travel Agents in Saharsa

Travel agents help you plan your trip including services like ticket & hotel bookings, itinerary planning and travel guidance. So one can contact a number of certified Travel Agents present in Saharsa to plan their holidays without any worry or hassle.

Prakash Travels
Address: Chandni Chowk, Station Road, Saharsa HO, Saharsa – 852201
Phone: +(91)-9308480623, +(91)-6478-222266

Ariya Travel
Address: Station Road, Near Chandni Chowk, Saharsa HO, Saharsa - 852201

Computer Care
Address: Purab Bazar, Saharsa, Bihar, VIP Road, Saharsa Ho, Saharsa - 852201
Phone: +(91)-8521960467

MMM Tour N Travels
Address: Saharsa HO, Saharsa - 852201
Phone: + (91)-9046472280

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